16TB and all’s well!

It’s the smell of a new hard drive. I just bought another 3TB in hard drive space which brings me to a total of 16TB. I have 9 external hard drives and two internal drives on this machine. Now you may ask yourself, why would any sane person need that much space? The answer is, I store things. I store TV shows, music, movies and lots and lots of stuff. I’m actually converting my movies from DVD to MP4 format so I can watch them anywhere. I can play that on the iPad or the TV. I’m also putting all my TV shows on a server so I can watch whatever I want. It uses a ton of space but is far more convenient than running around looking for DVDs. For anyone who wants to know, CloneDVD, CloneDVDMobile and AnyDVD are absolutely necessary if you plan to build a digital library. I tell you what though, moving 500GB worth of […]

The American Hefeweizen

That sounds like a total contradiction to have American and Hefeweizen together, but I’m not here to judge. I can cross boundaries and bring two styles of beer together. I’m a big fan of the Hefeweizen, but the true German one was available so I went with the next best thing. I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since we did the Belgian Wheat a month or so ago. That was a damn good beer and I wanted to continue down that road. I think this one turned out exceptionally well. Even though Theo is more of a dark beer and lots of hops kind of guy he couldn’t find fault with this one. This is the type of beer you have after slaving away in the hot sun. After toiling in the fields (or at least mowing the lawn) this beer will slake that thirst. It has a lovely color, an aroma or citrus and a very clean […]

Our first beer!

Ok, this isn’t the first beer we’ve ever made, but it was the first beer we ever bought. And for some reason we have snubbed it and passed it over for the past 6 months. It was the "backup" kit to the Nut Brown Ale which we swore would turn out to be dreck and would have to be thrown into the toilet thus we had a another kit at the ready. And that kit has been at ready for months and months, always skipped over. It’s like Cinderella, never quite invited to the ball. But we made amends and put the Evil Summer Wheat into the hopper. It’s going to be a sweet beer since it has a big packet of honey. And here it is in the carbuoy. The brown is a little unusual I have to admit, but we’ve made plenty of brown beers before. I feel bad we’ve neglected this one for so long, hopefully it […]

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens This is what happens when you let your 8 year old come up with a movie plot. I mean seriously, what kid hasn’t had aliens fighting with cowboys? As a matter fact, is this the same plot for the open sequence of Toy Story and Toy Story 3? Isn’t Woody doing battle with some forcefield wielding aliens?? It’s no award winner but it wasn’t bad. It’s kind of hard to describe what’s going on with this one, but aliens come to earth and start stealing the good citizens of the Old West. And of course there is a lone escapee with the power to undo their evil plot. It’s pretty ridiculous, but if you’re looking to waste a couple of hours you can do a lot worse than this one. I didn’t hate it so take that for what’s it worth. Hey, at least it’s not a sequel to a movie that should never have been made […]

70% off Sid Meier’s Pirates!

It’s just been converted to the iPad, but you can get the original PC version for just as cheap. Sid Meier’s Pirates! is now only $2.99 at GreenManGaming.com. Better hurry though, I believe this sale is for today only. 70% off Sid Meier’s Pirates!