3 Painting Crates and the Museum Heist Mask

The Painting Crate Event has just started but I managed to get three Modern Painting open and got the Museum Heist Mask. I do well the first day of an event and get the first prize then everything grinds to a halt. I’m sure I’ll open crates for the rest of the day and won’t get a damn thing out of the deal. I’m sure I’ll return to the standard rate of opening 15 crates a day with 1 painting to show for it.

I’ve also noticed there is something else dropping that looks like "bricks". After doing some checking this appears to be part of an upcoming expansion. This is part of a new offering called Syndicates which should be implemented in the near future. Bricks will help you with upgrades and are a form of currency.


Bricks: what they are, their purpose (syndicates)

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