Epic Boss Event – Madame Payne – Crime City

Try as I might I couldn’t win the Car in the last even so I’ve finally given up. I went an extra two days opening Painting Crates in hopes of that Modern Painting, but luck simply wasn’t on my side. I did manage to get an abundance of Carnival Hammer’s and Vests, but alas, that was all.

Well, no time to shed tears as it’s time for another event, this time an Epic Boss challenge with Madame Payne. She’s a saucy looking little vixen isn’t she?

If the previous Boss Events are any indication I will be face down in the gutter by Level 10. I have a feeling this will take the lash to me before the end of the day tomorrow. I’ll get a couple of new weapons out of the deal, but I doubt they will be anything of significance. Last time around it was all Common items and nothing in the Uncommon or Rare category.

So far it’s all coming up Teaser Pistols.


Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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