Crime City –St. Patty’s Keg Event

It’s time for another Crime City Event and this one will run or 5 days. It’s a 10 item scanvenger hunt, which is better than the 20 items event. However, item #10 is off the charts – Blarney Keg Tap 1375A, 1095D – but just like last time the chances of picking it up without using gold is pretty damn unlikely.

It’s on to battle to see what new items I can pick up. Unfortunately, I’ll probably end up with 150+ Kegs and not a damn one of them will get me the Blarney Keg Tap.

It’s also interesting to note that Gree has added a slew of new weapons including guns, explosives and cars, many of which can be purchased with respect. Some of the new explosives are pretty cool. I definitely need some Doomsday Frags.




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