I got the 15 Experimental Round in the Bullet Case Event – Crime City

Right before the event ended I managed to get the 15th Experimental Round in the Bullet Case Event which gives me the Bone Splinter Guards. It took the entire 5 days just to get 15 good box opens. The success rate was EXTREMELY poor in this one. I opened at least 15 boxes a day and this is the best I could manage. Mind you, none of those were gold opens. I’m not pissing away 15 gold when there is a strong chance I’ll get a measly $5000. Not worth it to me.

I guess I’ll have to be content with the 15 opens and a couple new items. Maybe I will keep this even running into overtime just to see if anything good pops. Might not be worth it since the other event is already starting. Gree isn’t wasting any time are they?

I also see the increased the level cap to 250. That is a pretty kick ass weapon you can get for reaching 250 before the deadline. Won’t do a damn thing for me though…

image image image


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