RightNote Professional 50% off at BitsDuJour

If you previously missed this offer and want to get a great note taking, word processing and spreadsheet combo, then you have another chance to pick up RightNote Professional for 50% off. I’ve been working with RightNote for a while now and it’s a very useful and dare I say a competent replacement for Word and Excel.

RightNote goes beyond just note taking and offers a fully functional writing environment. You can easily compose short notes or full documents. If you were so inclined, it would be easy to rough out an outline for a long document and then dive in and compose the whole thing in RightNote. It’s not a substitute for Scrivener, but it’s a great writing environment that comes with a vast array of features.

I’ve since switched away from OneNote to RightNote and it’s working very well for me. And for today, you can pick up the Standard or Professional version for 50% off. It’s well worth the price.

RightNote at Bauerapps – Feature list and comparison over versions

RightNote at BitsDuJour

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