Topping out with a Trillion Dollars in Crime City

Well, I figured this day was eventually going to come around. There was sort of no way to avoid it. Over the weekend, I topped out my bank account at over $1 Trillion dollars and have a current IPH of $393.7. Others have done the same thing, but I figured I would showcase this silly little achievement.

I also think this might also be a good time to step away from Crime City. While it’s amusing to generate the cash and put up the buildings, the game has sort of run it’s course. We’re in a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again. The new events are just a rehash of old ideas and it’s nothing but Syndicate events. We’re basically going around in circles and I haven’t finished any of the actual Solo goals in more than a year.

With that, probably time to put this away. Maybe I’ll keep putting up the LTBs or maybe I’ll just let my buildings sit out there stocked with cash so others can have the great glee and satisfaction of robbing them.

We’ll see what happens, but my time spent in the game will be pretty minimal now. But just to ask, anyone else stockpile a trillion in cash? What else are you doing in the game? Where do we go from here?



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13 thoughts on “Topping out with a Trillion Dollars in Crime City

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      1 trillion cash is insane!! I will admit that after 125 million iPh money doesn’t matter that much in the game anymore. I still enjoy upgrading my buildings and I want to eventually get to your income which I can see happening this year..congrats on the achievement And btw I finally got both nightclubs to level 10 and I’m working on my second Diamond grillz to be maxed out today

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      Yeah, it’s a pretty ridiculous but rather useless amount of money to have. There’s really nothing to use it on. I could have put it toward Syndicate Bonuses, but I did that a couple months ago. Basically, the money will keep collecting.

      You know, the NightClubs are one of the few buildings I never went through and upgraded. I think I have a Level 1 or 2 of those. The wait time is so long for those. I will probably just keep ignoring them for now. 🙂

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      I haven’t followed this forum much but I’m unsure why you banked the cash at all. Why not just let it sit in the open and stockpile it quicker without paying bank fees, or is that part of the challenege?

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      Good question. The answer is, that some time ago (I forget the events) Gree gave out a couple of items that had Bank Deposit Reduction Fees associated with them. I picked up a few of those and have -76% Reduction in place.

      Additionally, I’ve never been confident enough in my stats to keep from getting robbed blind. I figure you’re losing money either way, better to put it into the bank. I’ve read about people stockpiling and not using the bank, but I never really tried it.

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      Wow, and here I come with 2m iPH trying to build up a syn.. How long have you been playing?
      I do think that for normal accounts (without the reduction) its cheaper to leave the money out, being robbed 10% .. would mean in my case 5m per day.. and in yours 80m .. and that is only from hits to you as a person, the money on the buildings has nothing to do with it.

      Anyway, sad to see you stop enjoying the game, but i guess thats how it goes.
      And if you like to help a SYN out, 253 728 008 would be ever so grateful of a donation to help it grow stronger. 😀 (sorry for the shameless plug.. but I just hate to see it go to waste)

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      I’m up to 517mil iph…just hit my first trillion in the bank. Would have hit a while back…but started a baby syn for my two smaller accounts and maxed out most of the bonuses with the help of one other member. Also upgrading 5 buildings at a time. I have been buying the latest equipment/weapons to boost stats…even though they are destructible I have no problem keep them in stock.

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      Upgrading 5 buildings at a time? Damn son!
      And your IPH is a lot higher than mine. I’ve only got 485 with 3 upgrades at a time, of which I’ve only been using 2. I’ve thought about getting another upgrade slot, but haven’t been able to fully justify it to myself.

      That is impressive!

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      Yeah 3 of the 5 building upgrades are working on the older regular buildings now. I’ve got all the LTB’s up to level 10. Started playing when FUNZIO owned CC…so was able to purchase every LTB that came along. It would be nice if they would go back and increase the income of the older gold buildings ie. palm hotel to be comparable to the new gold buildings out now. Bought both palm hotel buildings when gold was 40% off and used a gift card way back when.

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      I am very familiar with the time of which you speak. That is when I first came on board as well. There were some good prizes back then such as the decrease in deposit fee.

      Some of those old buildings are somewhat laughable now. They seemed like all the money in the world a few years ago. Some of the best were the Frosty Hideout, the Gobble Gobble and the Haunted Mansion. I’ve had those mansions since the day came out and even though the upgrades are free, I still haven’t gotten one of them up to level 10. But back in the day, getting $100k an hour is was mana from heaven. 🙂

      I’m going back to upgrade some of the old buildings myself. Sparky’s Fireworks is currently on the upgrade list.

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      Hey, I’ve been playing sonce 2013, but stopped for a year and a half mid-way. My IPH is 1.05m, and my main source of income is a certain job which gives you 2-7mil for 178 energy… how do you make so much money? Is it just from your buildings, or is it sourced from something else?

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      My income is all from buildings. I have just about every LTB they’ve introduced. I skipped one or two based on their enormous size and terrible income/upgrade costs. Almost all of those buildings are now level 10s.

      The Frosty Hideout and the Gobble Gobble were the two buildings that got me started. Those were special buildings right before the LTB got kicked off. They also had a Haunted Mansion that upgraded for free, but had nice income every hour. Getting $100k an hour for several months really helped.

      The multiple building upgrade has been a huge help. It’s slow to get the income going, but once you get a couple good buildings under your belt, you can really get the cash coming in.

      The Syndicate Bonuses for income boosts have helped as well.

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      So, just to show how ridiculous things have become, a few weeks ago, I crossed over the 3 Trillion mark in cash. My income has moved to 525.7M IPH. I have both Luggage Lugger buildings upgrading and am working to upgrade the previous LTB, Deadly Disco. I thought about buying another building upgrade slot, but that seems a wee bit silly. I mean, what the hell am I going to spend the cash on that I already have?

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