Handling duplicates with Gemini, DupeGuru and NeoFinder

No prizes for guessing that I have dozens of duplicate files. It's actually more like hundreds. Since I consolidated my external drives, I see that I have the same file in multiple places. This came from running out of space on one drive, and copying the information to another. Problem is, I never went back and deleted the original.

Or I download a series of tutorials, then moved them, couldn't find them, then downloaded the series again. Now I have both.

And the usual problem of making a backup to a drive, then writing that information to BluRay, and forgetting to remove the other backup. Again, now I have two.

Regardless of how I got here, I realize one duplicate finder is not sufficient to untangle the situation. I have Gemini, DupeGuru and NeoFinder working to find where everything went.

Gemini is great for finding duplicates. If it says the file is the same, it's the same. It's removed over 300GB so far. Problem is, it doesn't handle fuzzy logic so well. So if you download a file at 480p resolution, then the same file at 720p resolution, those are not the same and aren't detected.

That's where DupeGuru comes in. It can handle looking for duplicates based on similar file names. It detects the slight differences and groups the files together so you can delete the lower res version.

Finally, there is NeoFinder. It catalogs all my volumes so I know what I actually have. Where is that tutorial on JMeter? Where is that shell scripting ebook? Where are all my mp3 files? But, it also adds the ability to find duplicates.

Once you have catalogued all your volumes, you can perform a duplicate search across them. You can now see where you have two, or more, of a file with the same name. You can then jump into Finder, or actually delete the file from NeoFinder. It will move the file to the trash and remove the entry from the catalog.

Using these 3 tools, I get what I feel is complete coverage for finding duplicate. I get an exact match with Gemini, a little more fuzzy logic with DupeGuru, and finally, visual confirmation using an indexed search through NeoFinder.

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