Signing up for the Katalon Webinars

If you haven't already done so, now is great time to create an account, download Katalon Studio and tune in for their Katalon webinars. Over the past couple of months they have been hosting sessions related to new features, tutorials, and roadmaps on what's new with Katalon and new features coming in the future.

The feature set for Katalon continues to grow, even offering some OS automation. The new features for waiting and locating items are also very impressive.

My own Katalon project continues to expand with enhancements, updates and new features. I'm at the point of using it for Production smoke tests. It's working very well.

Now is a great time to learn some automation skills. Even if you aren't automating an entire site, filling out forms and repeating tests can save you huge amounts of time and make your testing more accurate.

The Katalon webinars take place about once a month. I've listened in to several and found them very useful. If you can't listen in live, they are recorded and posted on the Katalon site. You can visit the webinar page to find the previous episodes.

Katalon Studio Webinars

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