Townscaper – Beautifully quirky

I found Townscaper the other day and within minutes I bought my own copy from Steam. It’s a game that’s not really a game at all. It’s somewhat of a city builder, but there are no people, no money, no goals, no achievements, just the fun of laying out a gloriously colorful city.

But as you will soon see, it’s not the average city builder. Buildings change depending on how they’re placed, how many are placed, if they’re stacked or touching another building. They also change based on how high they are, what they connect to, and several other factors. Also, the grid isn’t square, so you get wonderful curves and angles.

It’s like building a 3D puzzle where all the pieces fit no matter how you place them. It’s very easy to play for just a few minutes, or absolutely lose yourself in it for several hours.

It’s great fun and I can’t wait to see how the game evolves. But, even if stays just as it is, it will be very satisfying. Check out other reviews, other screenshots, and other intriguing designs, then grab a copy of Townscaper from Steam.


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