A deeper look at PathFinder

While it's still on sale, and now that I've done some heavy lifting with it, I wanted to have a deeper look at PathFinder. The TL;DR version is, it's absolutely worth going to Bundlehunt and picking it up for $8. To make things even more powerful, add Default Folder X.

For more explanation, PathFinder is a great file manager with a host of features and customizations. For starters there are dual panes if you want them. And multiple tabs within each pane. On top of that there is a customizable context menu for working with each file, within each tab, within each pane.

Those panes can then display different kinds of information in a different order. One can be an Image view, while the other is a List view. One can be sorted by name, the other by size.

There is also the ability to add multiple buttons to the menu bar. I've added New Folder, New File, Rename, Copy, Move and Move to Trash. This makes light work of moving files around and cleaning out directories. There is even a Cut option, which is nice to have.

When using the sidebar, you can have the Drop Stack feature, which is actually similar to the Dropzone app. Place a bunch of files into a temporary location, then move them all when your collection is complete. A great way to collect things from multiple locations.

Along with Drop Stack are other modules such as Terminal, Image Viewer, Attributes, Hex Dump and Permissions. These can be added and removed so you can get a job done, then recover screen space after you're finished.

When cleaning out my folders the other day, the Search files feature was fantastic. Such a quick way to location similar files that could then be moved or deleted. It saved so much time and worked so very quickly.

Other great features include Folder Sync, Image Viewer, built in Text Editor, Secure Erase, a customizable Get Info screen and the ability to add folders to the main Home nav menu.

Overall PathFinder has just the right amount of power and customization to make it extremely useful without being bloated with features you'll never touch. It has great file management features with everything in reach when you need it, and out of the way when you don't.

At the regular price of $36 it would be a good investment if you want more features than what Finder has to offer. At the current $8 Bundlehunt price, it's a must have.

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