Silver Skull: Rise of the Pirate King $0.99 in the App Store

App Description INTRODUCTORY SALE – 33% OFF! ————————————- Ahoy!! You are the pirate captain of a small ship and crew, navigate through 20 levels destroying ships and collecting coins and booty. As you collect more coins you will be able to buy weapons and ships, all with the hope of conquering the infamous pirate galleon Silver Skull for yourself. You have to be careful though to keep your crew happy, so make sure to treat them to wenches and rum whenever you can! Silver Skull includes: – 20 challenging levels – Port where you can buy wenches and rum to get game tips, bonus items & lives – Armory where you can trade ships and weapons – Bonus items including: floating gunpowder barrels, fireballs, ship cloaking and more – Campaign & skirmish mode with level selector – Global high scores – 3 difficulty levels So buy Silver Skull today and pillage the high seas and as a famous pirate once […]

Virtual Voodoo – A voodoo doll in your pocket – just in case

Who doesn’t need a voodoo doll, that’s the real question! App Description Are you sitting in a boring meeting, or do you just had a disappointing discussion with your boss, or you just want to win the love of your beloved friend? Then you need Virtual Voodoo! Now you can use this Virtual Voodoo doll to achive your goals by sending a Voodoo spell to someone. Of course you can use Virtual Voodo to have just some fun and spend some time by throwing and shaking the doll around till it cries 🙂 Watch the trailer: Virtual Voodoo Features: – Personalize the Voodoo doll by using a photo from a photo album or by taking a photo with your iPhone camera – Choose your favorite pin color and pin it at the Virtual Voodoo doll – Use your builtin accelerometer or touchscreen to shake the Virtual Voodoo doll around

Count Racula – Halloween Fun for Kids

App Description Match the number with the card that has that number of things on it to clear the board. The numbers are all made from the leaves of autumn trees and the objects all have a halloween theme. Number pronunciation occurs when a match is made. This is a great game for your younger children. Features: Matching of 8 numbers at a time. Great background music and sound effects. Fun and educational at the same. A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration. A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.

Zombie City Episode 1

App Description Zombie City Episode 1 has been sent to Apple. Trailer: ———————————– We are working hard on MAJOR improvements and value addition to the Game… We have listened to you and will be updating Zombie City with a radically better weapon system! You would also get more powerful weapons to kill them ZOMBIES. Then NEXT version will contain a MiniGun and a Rocket Launcher and some BOSS Zombies!!! We promises you some serious Zombie Killing action that you would really enjoy 🙂 So get this app while its at a sale price, coz, the next version will be double price :0 Once again, THANKS to everyone, for making Zombie City a success! It has been downloaded THOUSANDS of times! ———————————— FOR ALL THE FANS: Please write a review. In the review, let us know what you want to see in ZOMBIE CITY 2.0. What kinds weapons and what type of Boss Zombies? ———————————— You can now get Zombie […]

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