Dexter is f-ing hilarious!

Ok, I know, I’m still late to the party on this one, but I just got through a couple episodes of Season 2 and this show just cracks me up! Should I really find the dark life of a serial killer funny and interesting? What does that say about me? But seriously, this is some of the best writing I have seen on TV in years. The story is great, the narration is so dry and funny, and the way Dexter deals with the curveballs that come his way just make me shake my head and laugh. I just finished the episode with Dexter at the Addicts meeting and Doakes finds him there. And that explains everything and Dexter is off the hook. It’s so absurd it all makes sense! I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a show in a long time. Watching this show on regular TV would drive me nuts. The frustration of waiting a week to see […]

Lots of software sales

The big news was the iPod Touch for $150 (which doesn’t seem like all that great a deal to me, but whatever) but I got tons of coupons for discounted software. Stardock, Corel, Zonealarm and others all had discounted software. And I got plenty of other coupons as well from What on Earth, Back to Basics Toys and Amazon. Too bad none of it really interested me. The discounted movies are so old I already have them. The discounted music is crap, that’s why it’s on sale. And some of the software discounts were good, 50% off, but others were pretty lame (I think you can do better than 20%). Give me a discount and throw in free shipping and you’ll have me hooked. A $5 item that costs $10 to ship is just stupid.

Back at work

You know what the worst thing about going back to work is after you’ve been away for 9 days? It’s not telling everyone that you sat on the couch eating popcorn and catching up on TV watching (in fact that’s kind of the fun part). It’s not discussing the kick ass turkey you made for Thanksgiving or the misadventures with putting up the Xmas lights. It’s not talking about wandering around the house in your underwear (again, that’s actually the fun part). It’s all the stupid emails you have to go through! When you’re sitting there those stupid emails with links to dumbass sites are really that bad of a distraction, but when you have to go through dozens of them you realize just how dorky they are! The guy shooting Santa, yeah I suppose that’s funny. The turkey put in to a compromising position, yeah, that’s funny too. The kids gone wild at the dinner table, yeah, worth a […]

Kick ass vacation

It’s been one hell of a vacation! Nine days away from work and now I have to go back. I’ve had a kick ass time catching up on all my favorite shows and even adding a new show to my bag of tricks. The house is looking pretty good for Christmas, even if we didn’t quite get up all the decorations we wanted, but it’s not as gaudy as all the other houses in the neighborhood with their overuse of white lights and ridiculous moving deer shapes on the lawn. Is that a decoration or something I should take pot shots at with a BB gun? It looks stupid. I think it’s time for a glass of port and bring the fun to an end.

Still no Touching

BestBuy still has my iPod Touch. Seriously, what the hell is going on with this? It’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard a damn thing about what they’re doing or when I’ll get it back. I have to say this is starting to piss me off. What the hell did I pay the replacement fee for if they don’t replace the damn device? BestBuy is heading toward the "You Suck" pile. Maybe one day I’ll get the damn thing back.